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Cyber Control is designed for users preferring to use a computer rather than a conventional lighting console for show and exhibition build-up/programming periods. It is extremely quick, easy and logical to learn, and creates a perfect visualization of all types of lighting fixtures (including conventionals like PARS, ACLs, Profiles, Molefeys, etc) and all parameters of intelligent lights. The end result is a sophisticated 3D visualization of the show, including realtime beam, gobo and iris simulations. The PC-based software includes a large fixture library of the most popular and commonly found moving lights.


CyberCue / CyberPro (USB/DMX Out/In)
CyberCue and CyberPro enable a show to be created on computer and run directly from a PC using a USB interface - a hardware tool supplied with the software.
CyberPro contains the multimedia extension EASY SHOW, allowing users to add multimedia music and image files (e.g. WAV, MP3, CD, AVI, MPEG, etc.) into their onscreen show. Harnessing the power and potential of the 3D visualiser, the simulations will play-back with these multimedia files when using CyberPro.
A special version of the software - Visual Control - enables the ″downloading″of show data from a lighting desk to a computer for offline editing Visual Control works with new USB-DMX IN interface allowing to connect a DMX signal coming from any external DMX controller. Visual Control is able to show beam - pan/tilt, static and rotating gobos, color wheels, iris, CMY color mixing, shutter, dimmer and zoom of any lighting fixtures.

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