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 LightJockey 2 is a flexible, easy-to-use Windows-based controller package that includes a USB-to-DMX interface box. One of the industry’s most popular PC-based controllers for well over a decade, LightJockey 2 offers lighting designers greater flexibility, spontaneity and ease of use in a user-focused control package.

Windows 7- and 8-compatible lighting controller software
Large fixture library and user configurable editor
Martin Show Designer 6 Lite 180-day trial 3D Visualizer
Supports MP3, audio CD, SMPTE and MIDI timecode
Martin USB Duo DMX interface with 2 x 512 Channels DMXIN/Out
Control of up to 100 fixtures, 2048 DMX channels
Graphical representation of all fixture functions
Add-on LightJockey Manager, free downloadable software for scheduling events
LED-Trix plug-in included for programming color-mixing fixtures

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