perfect cue dsan  

Bezdrátový profesionální clicker.

Výjimečný dosah i v zarušeném prostředí. (100m)

Možnost ovládat zároveň několik různých ppt.


PerfectCue is a light and sound signaling system. It enables a speaker to send cues to a projectionist for “next”, “back” and “blank” using a wireless hand-held actuator.

PerfectCue is the choice of professionals*... because it works!

Remote Control   Dual Control


Wireless remote control of presentations over distances up to 250-feet. Option to control computer directly via USB connection or to give cues to the projectionist. Light or sound cues. Onboard headphone jack for silent operation. No drivers are required. The computer "sees" PerfectCue as a standard USB keyboard. All operating systems have USB keyboard drivers in their device libraries.
Each cue light has two USB ports - each connected to a different computer. When the cue light receives the command from the remote (forward, back or blank), both USB ports will send keystrokes associated with that command to the connected computers so they can stay in sync. Local switches can enable or disable one or both USB ports without needing to disconnect the USB cable
Interconnections   Master-Slave Setups


Cue lights may be interconnected with additional cue lights or other devices via serial connections. Cue lights may be triggered by popular touch panel systems such as those made by Crestron or AMX or by show control systems.
For a professional setup, set one cue light near the presenter. This is the "Master" because it receives the wireless command from the presenter's remote. Connect this to a second cue light at the back of the house near the projectionist station. The second cue light - "slave" - is activated by the cable connection. 

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